Mobile, Web

After Adobe purchased EchoSign, there was a need to create a new Adobe EchoSign site architected into the overall Adobe digital marketing processes and existing document exchange services ecosystem.

The Solution

Working with a team of digital experts at SolutionSet, I designed the mobile web experience ensuring a consistent experience across mobile and tablet devices, offering key information about Adobe Echosign, how to use the products, and allow creation of a free e-signature account.



Full scope of work included producing several templates for the desktop site, playing an integral part in developer handoff of assets, guidelines and production imagery. A key piece of the process was creating a comprehensive style & usage guide, highlighting each component of the marketing site experience, including grid structure, CTA’s, form usage, navigation paradigms, and redlines. The new site was on-brand promoting Echosign’s place within the overall Adobe digital marketing process. This framework created for Echosign was then leveraged as a model for further enhancements to other Adobe sites. This work included desktop and mobile template creation for all of Adobe Document Solutions web properties.


Product Landing Page



Navigation Guidelines